Woke up this morning to Loki insisting that she was being starved and abused, very, very loudly!  She looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat but I’d swear she has some Siamese in her, with that voice!  As she’d already been warned that I was going to sleep in this morning, she found her noisy self outside my bedroom door immediately thereafter.  No worries, she went and annoyed Heather instead!  Even the vet says she looks as healthy if not healthier than most cats he sees!  She needs to work on her story as she lacks credibility with the one she’s telling.  Meanwhile, Dylan and Patches were quite happy to have her out of the way because it meant more attention for them!  It seems that it’s a day for animals all over to feel neglected.

Card of the Day:  Knight of Cups
I see:  A young man gazes deeply into a chalice from which rays of light are emitted.  He wears a purple cloak and a sword at his hip in a scabbard of blue decorated with red roses.  He stands at the edge of a lake in which he is reflected.  His horse stands behind him, drinking from the lake and both are flanked by two yellow flowered bushes and two heavily leaved trees.  A frog sits on a lily pad next to an as yet unopened flower and one in full bloom.  The man is dressed in chain mail as if he is about to leave for battle.
I feel:  The man knows that he must leave someone special behind, but the battle he is fighting is of utmost importance to him and to his kingdom.  Both he and his horse are well-trained and ready to do what must be done but he seeks to improve the odds of returning safely with whatever is contained in the chalice, love and light, perhaps?  He will also take the peacefulness of this place with him as a reminder of what he fights to preserve.
I think:  Some things are simply worth fighting for.  We try, whenever possible, to resolve issues peacefully and harmoniously, but not everyone sees the world as we do, realizing that, just by asking the Universe, everything you want and need will be there for you.  Instead, they feel that they need to take what others have, thinking that it will be what they want and need when the reality is, each of us has what WE want and need, not what will be a good fit for anyone else.  So there are people who keep taking from others and are never satisfied with what they get, while those who have things taken can see that if it was taken from them, it was because they didn’t really need it any more and can move on to what is more important now.  A kind of cosmic decluttering, maybe?  However, there is a time and a place to take a stand and protect what is not only ours, but our family’s, our community’s, our Earth’s.

A night of very interesting, bizarre dreams.  But at one point, I dreamt that I had laid out eight tarot cards in two rows of four and was trying to interpret them.  A man came along and read things in the cards which were very detailed and specific.  I was amazed and wondered how he was able to see what he saw in that spread of cards.  I assumed that he had spent years training and practicing to reach the level of proficiency he’d achieved, and vowed to do the same.  Although I don’t remember what he said, I do remember that some of it was disturbing to me.  The dream segued into one in which a man in a police officer’s uniform stopped me and wouldn’t let me pass, although others traveling the same road were continuing on, unobstructed.  We ended up inside a building with many doors and mechanical devices.  He told me that if I could get out of the building before he caught me, he’d let me go.  But none of the doors led to the outside, and many did not open.  When he caught up with me, I slugged him in the stomach, dead center of his blue plaid shirt, and ran away.  I saw a lot of people coming and going, and somehow realized that in order to escape, I had to change my mindset.  So I imagined myself as a tourist who had come to visit this place but had a life, a job and responsibilities to get to, and suddenly, I was part of a crowd of people walking through amusement park-style gates.    The building appeared to be the basement of a large corporation which was completely out of tune with anything which didn’t fit in with their image of the world.  When told that one of their people had gone missing, they insisted that it couldn’t possibly be so, and transferred callers to inappropriate people, like the VP of new business who had a huge tank in his office with an octopus and crocodiles living together.  (I never claimed that this would make sense!)  At one point, he was suddenly inside the tank and the octopus ate him.  Then his wife came looking for him, shot the octopus in the head and cut her husband out of the octopus’ belly, only to have the crocodile come after them both.  Fortunately, I didn’t stay around to observe the outcome of that little tete a tete.

I feel that there is a lot of imagery in this dream sequence and will probably see more as the day goes on, as I see things in the dream somehow relating to my life.  I look forward to unwinding this one.

So Sunday breakfast and grocery shopping are behind me, and I have the rest of the day to work on a project for a friend/business associate, and get the garage ready for my rat hunters. 

And I’m so jazzed!  My rat “friends” will soon be history.  Cinders and Hailey will be coming to live with us as soon as they have their rabies shots, and I hear they are hunters extraordinaire!  Best find safer quarters, rats!

I had to add on to this because I just got a lot done to ready the garage for the cats (although, where in the name of all that’s holy I put the screws for the shop vac is anyone’s guess!).  I would have done more, but Heather decided to do some decluttering of her own this week and filled up the trash can before I could get to it.  But I can’t help feeling that all of this decluttering is not only clearing out a lot of things we don’t need any more, but it’s also empowering to actually let go of things I once thought I might need someday.  I can look at my garage now and think that I know where I’m going to put the cage for the cats until they get used to the idea that this is their new home, where I’m going to store all of the things I buy in bulk that were so scattered I didn’t even know what I had (ok, so I have about 12 boxes of kleenex right now!  at least I know not to buy any more!)  As soon as the trash cans are free again, I’ll get rid of shampoo I’ll never use again, canned goods that are way past their expiration date (and thanks to the new cabinet Heather not only went and got for me, but assembled AND strapped to the wall, I can organize, find things AND keep them away from my furry little scavengers (a moment of silence for the soon to be eaten!).  Hmmm, looked at the clock at 1:11 and now, 5:55.  Wonder if there’s any significance there?  5’s in tarot tend to be times of challenge which will be overcome and 1’s, well, new beginnings is the name of my world for 2011!) 
Love and Light.