Surprise, surprise, I’m going to start this one with the Card of the Day!

The Moon
I see: Maiden, Mother and Crone framed by a large orb, bright white on the left, and in partial darkness on the right.  Mother holds a large egg-shaped orb in her hands, displaying it proudly.  Crone holds a lighted staff and Maiden stands, naked and open, silhouetted by the moon.  A wolf sits at Mother’s feet, gazing up at her adoringly. Plants with what appear to be cotton balls grow around Mother and Crone, and a crab hides in their midst. A Hebrew letter which looks something like a “P” is on the left of the moon, while what I believe is an astrological sign, resembling two “C’s” placed back to back is on the right. Mother’s gown is dusted with stars, as if the fabric is actually a piece of the night sky.  There is a deep feeling of serenity in the scene.
I feel:  Serene, introspective, all is as it should be.  The cycle of life continues, unbroken, as it has for eons.  There are safeguards in place which, unless needed, look very tame and harmless, but should the need arise, they would deal with any threat quickly and efficiently, then return to their gentle state.
I think:  This is a period of introspection, a time of following instinct and being exactly what the core self decrees.  Allowing the ebb and flow of life, nurturing the dreams and letting go of those which no longer serve.

So again, today, I went out to the garage en route to my paying job, checked the dish of coke whose purpose is to give Earl a dose of “death by cola”, and found it completely empty.  I think to myself, “it won’t be long now!  That pest will be gone and my soon-to-be hunting family members will just have to keep the rest of the tribe out.” when, to my dismay, I look through the windshield to see hundreds of tiny footprints up and down my windshield.  In the first place, there are far too many for Earl to have worked by himself, and in the second place, that darn rat and, apparently, his whole family, are now mocking me!  This means war!!!!  I need to get the fearless hunters acclimated to their new home sooner rather than later!  Whether Earl and his clan merely vacate the premises or meet an untidy end is no longer material.  They just need to be gone!  As far as I’m concerned, being meals on wheels for my new furry children will suit me just fine!  Especially since my darling daughter, who would adopt anything with fur or scales given half a chance has to call and tell me how cute one of Earl’s progeny looked, just sitting on the rafter staring down at her!  I had to remind her that what she’s calling “cute” is full of disease and, oh, yes, by the way, did $400 damage to my new car, and I was darned lucky that’s all the harm they caused!  Not only that, when I was in the garage last night, I heard a lot of thumping and bumping around which leads me to believe that I’m housing a freaking kangaroo!!!  That rat and his family either have the biggest feet ever seen on a rat, or they are eating way too well!  Although I do question the nutritional value of a rubber water hose!  And I am definitely contemplating pulling out my 22 rifle and going rat hunting!  Nothing like a slug between the eyes to change his ratty outlook!    I’m truly not a violent person and was willing to live and let live, but this guy is pushing his luck way beyond anything healthy!  I was hoping death by coke and leaving the hood up on my car would get my inhospitable point across but his stubbornness is quite amazing!  (Reminds me a bit of my ex-husband who also missed subtle hints and had to literally be thrown out after pushing my good nature beyond it’s limits!)

OK, taking a nice, deep, yoga breath here and getting back to a calm and serene demeanor.  As the writing seems to be starting to really flow (although only parts of it, right now, are truly book related), I’m seriously considering an extended weekend in Sedona to really connect with my energies and do some major writing and relaxing.  In bringing it up, I have a couple of people who actually expressed interest in joining me, although it could just be an “I wish I could go with you” kind of thing.  I’ll give it a few days to percolate before actually making plans, but I can already picture myself sitting on a balcony overlooking a red rock canyon, pecking away on my laptop and looking up every now and then for inspiration.  I can also feel the energy as I sit on a friendly rock near one of the vortices, meditating.  Yes, I really think I need to take this trip!  The last time I was in Sedona, I promised myself that I would return.  It’s been a long time coming, but I think that I will get a lot more out of the trip this time than I did when I was last there.  Not that it wasn’t a worthwhile trip the last time.  I needed a complete break and that is exactly what I got.  I needed time alone, and, again, that is what I got.  This time, my needs are different, but the location is truly well suited to fulfilling the changed needs.  So I made a reservation at the hotel recommended by a friend in the area.  I’m not fully committed yet, as I can still cancel the reservation, but at least I took the first step.  The place is truly gorgeous with amazing views, set up above Sedona proper, so I know that the inspiration I need will be there.  It’s only for me to open up to it and let the ideas flow!