Today I start blogging in this more public spot for real instead of just copying and pasting what has come before, and the first thought I had upon arising this morning, or maybe even before, was that my dreams last night reflected a new willingness to be more intimate with people, and I can’t help but believe that opening up my blog to a wider audience than Facebook friends has a lot to do with it.  And, in posting the link in Facebook, I was surprised to discover that my blog had been read by more people than I’d realized, who read but didn’t feel the need or maybe desire to comment.  That’s fine, too, though.  My whole purpose in getting out here and sharing is to, hopefully, help others by sharing my own journey, so if the readers-but-not-commenters are able to take something positive away from my ramblings, then my purpose is truly being met. 

I didn’t start another ACIM lesson today for two reasons.  (and that one will remain only on FB)  One, I didn’t get to it until late yesterday so it really hasn’t had a full day to truly percolate, and two, I want to spend more time with the latest lesson anyway, because the concept of wanting to see things differently is, in my opinion, something which could use more than one day to really work on. 

So on to the Card of the Day, since I’m finding it so useful in helping find things to say (as if, from the way I’ve started today, I really need it, but I do find that it opens my mind).

Seven of Wands (I’m still using the Spiral deck, by the way.  I just haven’t been pulled to switch to another yet, but soon)
I see:  A farmer in his fields clearing away weeds and shrubs in order to expand his fields.  The sky is clear and a bright blue and a slight breeze is blowing, lifting his vest away from his body.  He is very intent on his task, eyes directed down so that he doesn’t really notice the day dawning around him, nor the breeze teasing at his clothes.  He has set himself a task for the day and there is no room for distractions or for dreaming.  Without diligence, the area already cleared will be encroached upon, and the fields he currently plants will be compromised.
I feel:  Attention to detail is important at this time.  Watching out for those small things which, if left unchecked, can become large problems (like maybe rats nesting in car engines?)  Taking steps to resolve problems and clear the way for new endeavors are going to be a necessary and essential part of the days ahead.
I think:  This card is a reflection upon the new paths I’m embarking on, and have embarked upon over the last year or so, and yet another indication that, though there is a lot of work involved, the path will be rewarding and fruitful and that my efforts will not be for naught.  The goals I’ve set for myself are real and valuable, and the changes I’m making today will become something valuable and nourishing as I continue to nurture and grow them into routines and habits.

Last night as I was falling asleep, or at least trying to (ideas were flying through my head and making it hard to settle for a bit), a thought popped into my head involving cats, and I almost got up and posted it, but convinced myself that I would remember it in the morning.  Sadly, the thought is gone, hopefully to return later, but I don’t regret not posting it as I did need to sleep and if I’d gotten up to post it, I’d have probably been up for another hour, which would have made it that much more difficult to get up this morning, especially as Dylan decided to curl around my head and purr when my alarm started going off.   So many times when he does that, I just want to wrap my arm around him (in part to keep him from whacking me in the face with his fluffy tail) and go back to sleep, or at least into a meditation for awhile.  Although I appreciate having the alarm go off to signal the need for me to start the day, there are times when I wish I could just start the day when I feel like it.  The trouble is, the cats would come and snuggle and I would keep putting it off until half the day was gone!  They can be a very bad influence sometimes! 

At any rate, for those who have been following for awhile, and to those who are just tuning in, welcome to my blog.  May it inspire you, make you think, piss you off, but hopefully, not bore you.

Love and light.